What is Yajna?

The Animation Video Project is an initiative by the Hindu Students Association (HSA) to bring proper understanding of Hindu philosophy and practices to Hindus and non-Hindus. As a generation that spends hours on the internet and learns through mediums other than just books, this is a fun and interesting way to learn more about Hinduism. HSA’s first animation video on ‘What is Yoga?’ has been an enormous success gathering more than 30,000 views and counting on YouTube alone.Yajna-Website

Growing up in Hindu families, most of us have attended yajnas and, as kids, they seem to be a series of choreographed hand motions around some fire, often accompanied by certain shlokas or prayers. However, as the animations in this new video, What is Yajna?, explain, the concept of yajna has a much deeper and broader meaning. The actions done as yajna come from a place of sacrifice, and therefore, break the cycle of actions being motivated by desires or attachment.

In keeping with the vision of the project, the video not only explains the five different types of yajnas: Brahma yajna (spiritual knowledge), Deva yajna (sacrifice or giving), Priti yajna (respect towards other people), Atithi yajna (respect towards guests), and Balivaishwa yajna (selfless service) with citations from religious texts, but also provides examples to incorporate these yajnas into our everyday actions and lives. To learn more about yajna, watch our video!