Arrival in the West: Finding a Place in the New Land

Join us in our first episode of Shruti! In this episode, we discuss how Hinduism initially made its way from the Eastern Hemisphere into the Americas.

Sampled Clips include:

  • – Budhaditya Mukherjee’s “Hindustani Classical Sitar” in Raaga Behag
  • – “Golden Deer Scene” performed by Central Javanese performers from the Wayong Wong genre
  • – Dr. Natesan Ramani’s Flute performance of “Ninnukori”
  • – Yankaran Isaac’s “Hari Ka Bhajan Karle Mere”
  • – President Lyndon B. Johnson’s Remarks on the Signing of the 1965 Immigration and Nationality Act
  • – Mr G Sivaraman’s interview “Experience with Maha Periyava Dr. Alagappan”