In case you have recently utilized the stellar account viewer, you might have most probably stumbled upon a mistake concept like “Stellar Account Viewer Not Working”. This is among the most popular mistakes which can be getting guided towards users on this program simply because it has a difficulty. The program may have been set up improperly, which is the reason the stellar viewer problems occur to work surface. If you are able to fix the mistake that brought on this issue, it is possible to fully take advantage of the providers that this software provides. The steps below have already been tested and proven to function facing lumen stellar wallet errors that show up inside the stellar account viewer:

When the stellar account viewer transaction failed for reasons unknown, first thing that for you to do is to reboot your computer. Just try this by demanding Ctrl + R in the fast that presents itself. By restarting your personal computer, you are effectively so that it is restarts just as if it were completely new. It is very important accomplish this simply because to be able to properly restoration the stellar explorer relationship, you have to be sure how the software program is completely reinstalled on your PC. By rebooting your computer, you are effectively commencing over again by using a clear slate.

The second thing that can be done to try to obtain the stellar explorer back in motion is always to weight up the Lumen Pocket. The Lumen Pocket will help you to load your Stellar wallet with resources to be able to consistently make purchases with your card. Once you weight your Lumen Pocket, it will be easy to log on yet again to the stellar explorer. This will assist you to use the stellar explorer once again. If every little thing was not functioning correctly in the past, then a difficulty could possibly be together with the stellar explorer and you should try to maintenance it from your Lumen Pocket.