Ever wondered why a person’s visa could be rejected? Well, it could be as a result of several reasons. However, wouldn’t it be glad to know that you can reduce the chances of having a visa application rejected? One ways or preventing that from happening is through hiring the services of the canada immigration consultants in dubai. These companies have experience with a lot of visa applications and they have what it takes to ensure that your visa application is error-free and likely to get a nod.

They prepare your applications and ensure all details are filled in properly and they also prepare you for visa approval interviews. Taking matters of visa application into your own hands when you are not familiar with the rules and guidelines of the process, chances are that you will end up ruining your chances of ever flying out of the country. So, what exactly are some of the reasons as to why your visa application may be rejected?
Reasons your visa application may not go through
The following are reasons as to why your visa application process may not be successful:
 Invalid travel insurance. If you are unable to provide the right or valid travel insurance cover for the time you will be staying at your country of destination, your visa application may fail.
 A present or past criminal record. You definitely could stand no chances at getting a visa application approved if you have a record of drug use or possession, terrorism charges, child abuse etc.
 False or faking travel documents. Any sign of trying to misrepresent your identity could go a long way in denying you a visa.
 Failing to give a convincing reason as to why you need a visa. You need to provide a straightforward reason as to why you need a visa in the first place.